Tuesday, April 29, 2014

After the Shock

It's been almost a month since we found out we're having twins. The shock is finally gone and now it's just trying to figure out what in the hell we are going to do. While we are very excited, we are very nervous too.

I've been feeling ok. The last week has gone pretty good. The queasy feeling is slowly leaving, but I still have absolutely no energy. I'm now 13 weeks along and the doctor said my energy should be back by 15 weeks. Hopefully she's right. This pregnancy has been so different from the first. Allie was very good to momma. I was sick maybe once and felt really good the whole pregnancy. This time around, I feel like I haven't slept in months all.the.time. I constantly feel like I could puke and I don't have the desire to do anything at all.

There are a couple things that have helped though. I've been having to brush my teeth about 8 million times a day because if there is any little bit of after taste from anything, everything takes a turn for the worst. Gum makes me feel like I'm eating something so that's been helping. Water is pretty much the only thing I want to drink, everything else leaves that gross film afterwards. I need to constantly be snacking it seems like. As soon as I wake up in the day I have to eat some sort of breakfast, about an hour after I need a snack, then lunch, then about 20 snacks after that and then comes dinner. I can't really complain too much though. I haven't been crippled by nausea or anything. I've read that some twin pregnancy's can be rough. I'm thankful that I have been able to at least work.

I'm starting to show already. I knew I would probably show early since it is my second pregnancy, but with the twins, I'm growing a lot faster. I'm 13 weeks now and the doctor measured me at 17 weeks last week. I can only imagine how big I'm going to get. It's kind of scary to think about. I googled some full term twin bellies and this is what I saw...

And this was only at 35 weeks...I won't be googling that again.

I've began stocking up on diapers and formula already. I'm so nervous that I'm not going to be able to breastfeed as much as I did with Allie. I know it wont go to waste though if I end up being able too. I stopped nursing Allie around 6 months so I know I'll need the formula then. I've been trying to stock up with at least one can of formula and one box of diapers a week. I'm still working so I figure I better just buy the stuff now while we have the extra money.


  1. Glad I read this post cuz I thought that photo was of you 15 weeks prego! Having twins is going to be great :)

  2. Don't forget to find out what kind of breast pump you qualify for from your insurance. And sign up for all the formula companies. Have your mom sign up as well.


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