Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Things I've Been Worrying About

  • Allie Mae not having the attention she does now after the twins come.
  • Getting through the first 6 months with two newborns instead of one.
  • Having to have a c section - Scariest thing ever!
  • Dealing with postpartum depression again.
  • Nursing two babies - How do women even do it?? I really need to start researching. 
  • Having a tore up stomach - It's tore up already from Allie, I can only imagine what it's going to look like after two more babies. 
  • Living in this condo for a couple months with three kids
  • Having to move into a house while taking care of three kids.
  • Loren and I not being able to be intimate for a while after the babes come. - That's our love language. 
  • Not being prepared enough.
  • Twins making us poor.
  • Having to pay for double the amount of diapers and wipes.
  • Sore, leaking nipples.
  • Homeschool starting soon.
  • Trying to figure out a decent schedule before the babes come.
  • Potty training.
  • Allie's temper.
  • Getting the bathroom painted.
  • Deep cleaning this condo.
  • Getting everything for renters.

1 comment:

  1. If you want to honestly know what goes into a c section for beginning to end- what really does hurt, what doesn't- how recovery really is. I will absolutely honestly tell you. I promise, it's not as scary as you may imagine- but like I said I will just tell you what happens, how it happens and how to handle recovery afterwards.
    Just let me know if you want that much truth or not.


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