Saturday, July 26, 2014

I finally have the time to sit down and relax, write a post and just do what I want.

The past couple days have been pretty hectic. Loren's truck broke down so he had to drive my car to work which left me and Allie stranded at home with no way of leaving. It was nice in the way that I wasn't able to go out and spend a bunch of money, but it was soooo boring. We pretty much just relaxed, watched movies, hung out at the craptastic park the neighborhood has and went on a couple walks. I had to try and do as many outdoor things with Allie as I could, since it seems like that's really the only thing that makes her tired anymore.

The spending no money thing was good though. When I get bored all I want to do it go shopping and spend money that I really shouldn't be spending. Loren and I decided we really want to try and save up a pretty penny by the end of the year and in order to do that we NEED to budget and I NEED to quit the impulse shopping.

I did do some online shopping though...

Allie needs some fall clothes so I've been waiting for Carters to have free shipping and sure enough, as soon as we decide to budget, they have free shipping, I have a 20% off code and everything was another 40% off. That's ok though. I got some good deals and I'm all stocked up and ready for fall.

I've really been on the fence with Carters lately. Their summer clothes didn't impress me at all, but their fall clothes are adorable! Here's some stuff I got for the little Miss...

Maybe it's just the darker colors and I'm really ready for fall or that everything is cute and outdoorsy, but I love the clothes they have this season.

Besides all that business we really haven't been up to much. Loren's been working his butt off and Allie and I have just been trying to keep busy. We've been exploring the town lately trying to find all the cool parks. We found a pretty good one last week..

She finally made it to the top of a big slide and she was beyond excited.

We also started school this week...

Beside all the tedious work preparing the curriculum for each week, it's pretty fun.

Allie isn't too fond of sitting still for more than 10 minutes so I've tried to incorporate more crafts and physical activities. Things seem to go much smoother that way.

We also did a photo shoot earlier this week. I haven't take any photos of Allie since Christmas so I figured now was a good time before I get too huge with this pregnancy.

She's stunning isn't she? There isn't a day that goes by that I don't look at her in complete aw. Sometimes I can't believe that Loren and I created such a beautiful little lady. Every day I love her more and more.

This next week should go pretty good. Our local Target should be having their toy clearance and I'll be trying to get some good deals to start stocking up for Allie's 3rd birthday and Christmas.

Other than that, I really don't have any big plans. Just living life...

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  1. i love that she actually smiles for posed kids, its like pulling teeth!! haha!


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