Saturday, July 26, 2014

Allie's First Fishing Trip

I was going through the photos on my phone and realized that I've skipped writing about some fun stuff. So I'll pretty much be playing catch up the next couple of posts.

Loren took Allie Mae on her first fishing trip a couple weeks ago. I had planned on doing a day trip with my mom and sister so it was just Allie and daddy. He planned the trip all week. It was adorable how excited he was. Allie and I went to Dick's Sporting Goods to get her a new pole and tackle box and it was cute watching her pick out whatever one she wanted. She surprised me and went with all pink! 

Loren wasn't sure how it was going to go so he didn't want to plan anything too extravagant. They just went down to the pond by our house to try and catch some Blue Gill. I guess Allie LOVED it. Well I shouldn't say "Guess", I know she did, she hasn't stopped talking about it since. Loren said she did really good. He taught her how to reel it in and started to teach her a little bit about casting. She caught 5 fish and reeled them in all by herself. 

She's quite the tomboy when it comes to everything, but bugs. She will run scream like a little girl - literally, when anything goes flying by her head. With that being said I was surprised when Loren said she was fine with touching the fish. The worms - that's a different story.

Once work calms down a bit for Loren I'd really like for us to start taking her fishing once a week. I've thought about taking her my self when we're bored during the day but I feel like that's a daddy/daughter thing and I don't want to take that from Loren.

Hopefully she loves hunting just as much.

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