Saturday, July 26, 2014

Loren's been working a lot lately so in an effort to try and see him more Allie and I have taken him dinner to the pit a couple times. Allie LOVES doing anything with daddy especially when it comes to working with tools and getting dirty.

I took Allie to the pit for the first time a couple weeks ago to bring Loren a quick dinner. While we were there Loren took us for a ride around the pit in the semi. It's really cool to see what he does for a living now. Allie was able to drive the truck and her face was priceless when she figured out where the air horn was.

Allie is definitely her fathers daughter...she thought the semi was the coolest thing.

She got down and dirty and "helped" Loren fix a couple things also...

This business is a family business, but it REALLY feels that way when we get to go and be with him. He works really hard and puts a lot of hours into it. I just want to show him that we know how hard he is working. Not only to keep his new company going, but also to take care of us. I'm lucky to have such an amazing husband and my kids are lucky to have such a loving dad.

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