Thursday, October 30, 2014

Our babies are now two weeks old and things are going great so far.

Loren and I went home from the hospital earlier than we had originally planned to but we were ready to go home and I just wanted my whole family to be together. I was missing my Allie terribly. We got home Saturday afternoon and took some time to get situated. Surprisingly the first night went great. I honestly think the lack of sleep I was getting while pregnant with these two helped to prepare me for the newborn life. My body got used to running on 3 hours of sleep, so it wasn't much of a shock. 

Sunday and Monday we kind of just hung around the house and I worked on getting some sort of system down before Loren went back to work. I wanted to be confident that I could handle it. I worked on nursing them both and getting used to doing it by myself while Loren got a couple house projects done and went grocery shopping for me to stock up for the week.

So how has our first couple weeks gone?

I can honestly say there hasn't been a horrible day yet - knock on wood. There have however been a couple of days where I felt a little overwhelmed and tired, but I think we're starting to get a pretty good system down. With as weird as this sounds, I feel like this time around has been easier than it was with Allie. Maybe it's because this is my second time around. I like to think that I kind of know what I'm doing now. With Allie, everything was brand new and it seemed like I was constantly second guessing myself. I had no idea how to nurse so that was a bit overwhelming and I didn't really have any idea how to take are of a baby.

So anyway, for the first couple days we just hung out. Luckily it was pretty cold out so Allie wasn't really interested in going outside anyway.

Allie and I painted our toenails. She was so excited to pick out her own colors and I was excited that I could bend over to paint mine again.

We relaxed and Allie got used to "her babies".

She's in love.

Wednesday I took the babes to their first doctors appointment at their new pediatrician and everything went great. They both are healthy and very strong. While there, I made an appointment for Allie's three year check up and for her to get a flu shot, I also made the babies two week checkup appointment and an appointment for Raymond to be circumcised. I'm so nervous about that.

By Saturday I was ready to get out of the house. I knew it was going to be nice enough to take the babies outside for the first time so I told Allie we could go to the park. She was very happy her babies got to go with.

 Our first car ride with all three kids.

It was so nice to get out and actually be able to run around with Allie.

After the park we got some lunch then went home to feed the babies. Later that afternoon My mom, sister and I took Allie trunk or treating at a local church.

Sunday was my 28th birthday and Loren's only day off in the week so we just spent some quality time together. Loren got up early and took Allie Mae goose hunting for the first time until around 10am. She is now obsessed and talks about hunting with daddy all the time. She's such a daddy's girl.

Later that day we went to Farm and Fleet. I wanted to get myself some new clothes for my birthday, but didn't have any luck finding anything I liked. We did however find a couple Christmas gifts for Allie Mae so the trip wasn't a complete waste. 

My mom took this week and next week off to help out a little bit and with Loren working the 75+ hours a week he's been working, it's been helping out a ton. She's helped a lot with Allie so I've been able to catch up on some sleep and shower. We've also had the chance to go out shopping a couple times which has helped lift my spirits a bit. Being stuck in a small house with three kids and no adults all day long can get a little annoying. 

It's now Thursday and tomorrow is Halloween. The company that Loren works for gave all the guys the day off tomorrow so they can enjoy the day with their kids. This will be the first Halloween he'll be able to go trick or treating with us. Hopefully the snow they're saying we're going to get doesn't ruin it. I've been pumping all week so my mom can watch the babes while we go out and enjoy some time with just Allie. She's been so awesome with adjusting to the babies, she deserves some fun time without them. 

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