Sunday, January 18, 2015

I used to love winter so much. Being lazy and basically going into hibernation mode. Getting all cozy next to the fire, just me and Loren. Watching movies all night long, drinking spiked hot chocolate and going to bed whenever we felt like it...

Then we had kids.

Now it just seems like it's a battle all winter long trying to keep a hyper 3 year old busy. I find myself wanting to go to Walmart more just so she can run in the store and hopefully burn up some of that energy. I seriously can't wait until it starts warming up. It'll be better for everyone. I so badly want to open my windows and get some fresh air. Let's just fast forward to summer time when I can take all three kids to the park for the day.

Ugh...It's not even February yet. 

This week was pretty laid back. Allie had her first haircut on Tuesday and it went awesome. My good friend Melanie did it at her salon so it helped that Allie was already comfortable with the person who was cutting her hair. I'm a Nazi about her hair so she only cut about a half inch off. I really just wanted the ends to be cleaned up a bit.

The week went by pretty fast because Loren was back at work. I actually cooked all week, which was nice. The babes are sleeping through the night now (knock on wood!) so we're finally getting some sort of daytime routine down. It's so much easier knowing what's coming next. Now I can plan to work around nap times and everything goes much smoother. Plus it's great waking up in the morning feeling energized again. I love feeling more human and less zombie. Besides sleeping through the night, Raymond and Charlie Ann are doing great. Ray is so strong it'snot even funny. He does awesome holding his head up on tummy time and is working those chunky legs like crazy. Charlie on the other hand is a little behind him, but is working hard to build up her strength. She's our talker. She loves talking away and smiling at anyone who will give her attention. Raymond is much happier now. The first couple months were pretty rough on the guy. He was very colicky and once I figured out that he needs his scheduled sleep times, he was much better. If he get too overtired we're doomed. Charlie is very easy going, she just kinda goes with the flow and I love that about her. They have their 3 month check up later this week and I'm really looking forward to seeing what the doctor has to say about their progress.

Allie had gymnastics on Friday and she did so good. Much better than the first couple of classes. She's listening really well to the instructor and is doing a fantastic job with her routines. I'm thinking gymnastics is something we're going to keep her in. I love that she's getting some much needed time with other kids in a structured environment and REALLY love that it's something that she gets to do by herself.

Saturday we went to see American Sniper with some friends, and had dinner and drinks afterwards. It was nice to get out for a little while. I miss hanging out with people sometimes. Things are getting back to normal now so hopefully we'll be able to enjoy life outside of our kids a little more.

Loren went to the range today while I went and hung out with my family. Allie has been asking me to take her ice skating for weeks now so my sister and I decided that we would take her today. Turns out that I'm the only one who knows how to skate and actually kind of likes it. Sarah was terrible and quit before we even made it to the first turn. Thank god she quit though because I was getting tired trying to hold both her and Allie up. Allie wasn't really a fan at all. I wouldn't even say that, I think it's safe to say she hated it. She made it around one time and was done. She was getting so irritated not being able to stand up by herself. She didn't want me to help her and just could not figure out how to balance. She's determined but she got too tired too quick. I asked her afterwards if she wanted to try again next week and she said no right away. "It's too slippery Momma". Ok then. Gymnastics it is.

Next week is going to be a busy one.

We've got doctors appointments, we have to make a trip out to get the babies birth certificates, I have a couple trips to make to get some stuff I bought and at some point I'm going to need to go grocery shopping. I'm already excited for the week to be over. I'm hoping to be able to hangout with some friends this week so maybe that will break it up a little bit.

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