Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The snow has finally come - and so has the below freezing temps.

This past weekend was nice. We didn't really do much and I was happy with that. It still feels like I'm trying to recover from the holidays. Loren went hunting from Thursday until Saturday night and ended up getting a deer so pretty much all day Sunday we were grinding, cutting and canning the meat. It was our first time canning venison and it actually turned out really good. I was a little nervous going into it because it's meat and you really don't want to mess it up but it was really easy. Just a little time consuming because it was our first time. Grinding and cutting steaks on the other hand is easy peasy now. We have our process and we've been doing it for years so it doesn't take much time at all. I'm just so glad we can do all of it ourselves. With as much money as the license and everything costs to go hunting, the last thing I want to pay for is processing. 

 So anyway, today was a perfect day to stay indoors, and that's exactly what I did. Allie had her gymnastics today and instead of me taking her and having to drag the babies with, my dad took her for me. It was nice because it gave Allie the chance to still get out of the house and it gave me the chance to take a nice hour long nap. Momma needed a nap.

After Allie was back from her class we pretty much just hung around. It was so cold out. I felt like it was an all day battle to keep the house and kids warm. I had the heat cranked, the space heater going and all of us were layered. The windows in this place suck and swear I could feel the cold breeze going through the condo all day. I'm so not looking forward to next month's electric bill. 

I finally got all the laundry done and switched both babes out of their 0-3 month clothing to their 3-6 month clothing. I'm thinking Ray is going to be a size up from now on. He'll probably only make it another month in the 3-6 months before he busts out of those. Whereas Charlie is swimming in the 3-6 months. I could have probably waited a little longer to switch her clothes, but I just wanted to get everything out of the closet and sold. 

So that's pretty much all I did today. Laundry. I got all the babes outgrown clothes posted and some of it sold already. I'm on a mission to get all of our debt paid of within the next couple months so whatever I make selling stuff is going straight towards that. We don't have that much debt at all so I'm hoping it won't take too long. 

After laundry was done, I made some baked Ziti for dinner and vacuumed the house real quick. I also got the rest of January's bills paid and gave Ray and Charlie a quick bath. Yay...the life of a stay at home mom.

I got the ring I ordered off Etsy in the mail today and that was about the highlight of my day.

I'm absolutely in love with it. The three stones are the kids' birthstones. I'm actually thinking I'm going to get one made for my thumb with Loren and I's birthstones now. It's just so pretty and my style to a T. 

Loren will be off tomorrow but he's planning on going to build some heater thing for next hunting season so it will just be me and the kids again. I don't really have anything else planned for the rest of the week. I'm hoping to get some more blogging done and maybe do a little sledding with my Allie Mae Moses. We'll see.

Welp, I'm out. It's about 1:15am and I need to wake the babies up to eat and then I'm off to bed. Maybe I'll get to sleep in a little tomorrow? HA! I can dream can't I?

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