Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I'm hoping we can make some big changes in 2015. I usually don't like to make a resolution list, but this year I've come up with some things I'd really like to accomplish. Things that will change me and my family for the better. So here it is...my New 2015 Years Resolutions!

1. Drink more tea and water. And also cut back on soda.

2. Complete Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and get all debt paid off by April. 

3. Do Zumba at least 3 times a week - 20 minutes at a time.
4. Get the kids on a schedule and stick to it!
5. Go on a small vacation with just our family. Somewhere close to home but beautiful.
6. Start the 52 week savings plan and use that money for Christmas 2015.

7. FINALLY get my dream catcher tattoo I've been wanting forever and incorporate the kids' names in the feathers. 
8. MOVE! Get out of the condo and into a house. Any house will do at this point.
9. Try not to loose my patience so easily. 
10. Hang out with friends more. 

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