Thursday, January 29, 2015

Things change so much from one baby to the next. I find myself needing so much more with the babies than I did with Allie Mae. There are some things I used with Allie that I don't find necessary now and there are things I use with Ray and Charlie that I never would have thought about using before. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that it's an absolute must to try and always have a free hand and make things go as smooth as possible.

I'm not a baby person. They're just boring to me (I love me some fun toddlers), but I will admit my most favorite thing about babies is being able to try all the new gadgets they come out with. I mean it's only been a couple years since I've had a baby last and there are quite a few new things that I'd never even heard of and I find that so exciting.

I tried to be so prepared for the babies. I stocked up on as much stuff as I could before they came. I was so happy that I'd already had Allie because it helped me have an idea on what types of things I needed and what I could do without. But even with the knowledge I gained from having Allie, I still found myself stuck at times. And with twins, there is no time time to dilly dally around. You NEED to find a solution stat or you'll go insane. 

So, without further adieu...these are the items I can't live without...

1. Miracle Blankets

Now I know everyone has their favorite when it comes to swaddles, but these are by far the best swaddles I have ever used. They are snug, impossible to wiggle out of and they don't have the loud as all hell Velcro. I've also noticed that they help upset tummies. Miracle Blankets are a bit on the expensive side, they average $30 a blanket, BUT it's so worth it. I've tried other swaddles and nothing compares.

2. WubbaNubs

Seriously the greatest thing ever. I've had quite a few friends who had these for their kids but I never really even thought about getting one for Allie or the twins. We had two of these gifted to us for the babes and thank God they were because I swear they keep you sane. Having to put the binkie back in Allie's mouth 8 million times a day never really fazed me, but when I had two mouths to plug all day long, it got annoying, fast. These amazing little creations help to keep the binkies in your baby's mouth. And even if they do spit it out because they don't want it, or it just falls out the side of their mouths while sleeping, the little animal holds the binkie in place so it will be there when the baby wants it again. So simple yet so genius.

3. Tommee Tippee Bottles

Bottles are just like swaddles. Everyone has their brand or type that they swear by. With Allie I was all about the Dr. Brown bottles so I stocked up preparing for the twins. Well that was a
bad idea. First of all, the babes took really well to nursing. Allie had to use a shield the whole time I was nursing-which was about 7 months, so it was easy switching her from boob to bottle since she was used to the rubber feel. When I decided I wanted to start supplementing with the babes, it was really hard getting them used to bottles. They HATED the Dr. Browns. Charlie would take them better than Ray, but it was still really difficult and mentally exhausting. I finally gave up and did some research and Tommee Tippee bottles came up on a Top 5 bottles list for nursing babies. I bit the bullet and just bought some. After getting them in the mail I could see why they would be on the top 5. They are shaped just like a real boob and both of the babies loved them. Now that I think about it, I'm happy I ended up having to buy new bottles because it would have been such a pain having to wash the Dr. Browns. Double the bottles, double the amount of pieces to wash. No thanks!

4. Dr. Brown's Formula Mixing Pitcher
This thing is heaven sent. The babies are drinking a lot more formula throughout the day now and it's so much easier mixing up what I'll need for the day in the morning. Once the babies are ready to eat, I just pour what I need and warm it up. If only I could get them to drink it straight from the fridge. That would save even more time. Fat chance though.

5. Graco Pack N Play

This isn't the exact one we have, as far as colors go, but it is the same style. I love this thing. When they were Newborns, I kept the changing table part stocked with diapers and everything I needed access to right away. Once they got a little older I took that off and now I just use it for them to sleep in. We are living in a two bedroom condo and instead of all the kids sharing a room, Allie sleeps in her room and the babies sleep in the pack n play in the living room. I feel way more comfortable doing it that way right now. 

6. Lil' Helper Baby Bottle Holder 

These things are great. My mother in law gifted these to us for Christmas and it's another item I would have never thought of buying. The babies usually take a good 15 minutes to eat a full bottle so while they're doing that, it gives me some time to run around and get some stuff picked up. The only thing I don't like about them is it is a little difficult to get the wider bottles into. Luckily though, the Tommee Tippees get skinnier in the middle so with some effort I can usually get it on. Sometimes I just don't have enough time to mess around so I resort to this...

Whatever gets the job done! 

7. Fisher Price Cradle Swing

I don't care how many babies you have, you need one of these. Ray and Charlie love to take their daytime naps in these. They love the lights and mobile on top and I love the fact that they plug into an outlet. I can't even imagine how much we would spend on batteries if they didn't.

8. Fisher Price Bouncer Seats

These things are a life saver. The babes are now at the age where they are awake more throughout the day and they love to look around at the world and watch the family. I use these for feeding them mostly, but they also like to sit in them to watch a little bit of TV. (Yes, I let my babes watch TV) I also put the babes in these when me and Allie are playing. It's gets them more involved. 

9. Summer Infant Mesh Bath Seats

I was just using the whale bath we had for Allie and washing the babies one at a time but that was way too difficult. These seat are perfect. They're small enough so you can put both of them in the bath, put some water in the tub and wash away. It makes the assembly line of washing go much faster. 

10. Baby Trend Snap N Go Double Stroller

This thing is a beast and drives like a semi but it helps a lot. It's easy to use and folds up nice and flat so it doesn't take up too much room in the car. The storage underneath is huge and has plenty of room for all the kid's needs. I can't wait until the babies can go into a regular stroller but, in the meantime, this will work perfectly. 

Well, there ya have it. My top 10 twin must haves. The list will change a lot the older they get, but these are the items that are helping to make our lives easier right now. 

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