Saturday, January 31, 2015

This week in pictures...

 My parents watched Ray and Charlie Ann on Sunday so I could take Allie sledding. We didn't get as much snow as expected but we still had a blast.

We've been working on more tummy time this week along with trying to spend more time in our seats. We don't want no flat heads!

Allie spent the night at Loren's parents house last night and was with them for most of the day today so Loren and I were able to spend some time with the babies, catch up on some shows on Netflix and enjoy a couple beers. 

Ray is already busting out of his 6 month outfits so been on a mission trying to find him some decent secondhand clothes. Luckily Charlie is growing at a normal pace so I'll be able to get some use out of her clothes. 

I found a ton of summer cloths on clearance for Allie at Kohl's. I spent around $40 and got 3 pairs of pjs, 4 shorts, 3 tanks, 2 lighter sweatshirts and a shirt for Ray. I also found a bunch of clothes on clearance at Target this week. Plus they had a 20% off clearance apparel Cartwheel I was able to use. I was able to find some stuff as low a $1.40!

The coupons have been rolling in from all the phone calls I made last week. I sent out a bunch of letter to the formula and diaper companies a couple days ago so I'm hoping to get some high valued ones soon!

I ordered my first Groovebook and I'm beyond excited to get it next week. This will be much cheaper than ordering prints every month.

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