Saturday, January 24, 2015

Well it's been pretty hectic these past couple days. Loren's been gone since Friday morning and it seems like the kids have been out to get me. Lots of whining, crying and being overly needy. If it's not one kid, it's another. Two kids fall asleep, another wakes up. One kid is sleeping, one is quite and the other is crying. It seems like we can't just have a happy medium at all.

I usually don't mind when Loren goes off and does his thing, but when the kids start acting up, I really start to resent him. And then I get texts from him saying "I'm so fucking hammered." Must be nice, ass! It just sucks sometimes. I was thinking about it and I don't think I've had one childless day since the babies were born. I need to go out. I seriously need a me day. All I want to do is get a message and sleep. Oh my God, sleep sounds amazing.

I feel so bad for Allie when Loren is gone too. She loves to have us play with her and when it's only me, I feel like I'm constantly having to tell her to hold on because one of the babies need something. I gave up today though. Ray was crying because he was tired and just wouldn't go sleep, I finally just said screw it. I laid him down in his Rock N Play in my room, shut the door and let him cry to sleep so I could spend some time with Allie. The kid will sit there and cry and cry when I'm trying my hardest to soothe him but it's like as soon as I walk away and give up he passes out before I even make it out the door. Pisses me off I tell ya!

Anyway, Friday I spent a lot of my day making phone calls and writing letters to a bunch of companies requesting coupons, and to join their multiples programs. I'm hoping I get some pretty cool stuff in the mail soon.

Today was another hectic day. I feel like all I did was go go go. I did however get a good 10 minute cuddle session with my Allie Mae while we watched Rugrats. I sat there thinking about how much of an amazing little girl she's turning out to be and how excited I am to see what kind of personalities Ray and Charlie are going to have. It's really something special watching your kids grow and with as hard as it may be some days, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I don't really have anything planned for tomorrow. Allie and I are in need of a Momma/daughter date so I asked my mom if she could watch the babies so I can take her sledding tomorrow. Hopefully we get the snow they're all talking about. We're in need some fresh air!

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