Thursday, February 12, 2015

I'm pretty sure this has been the slowest moving week ever. I've gotten a lot of random stuff done but I still feel like nothing has been accomplished. Monday I worked on laundry and organizing the kids clothes. I had to move Allie up to a 4T and Ray up to 9 months so I basically spent the day cleaning out the drawers and putting the larger stuff in. I got all Raymond's 6 months clothes organized and posted them for sale on the B/S/T site. Most of it sold pretty quick. I also posted some other random things I'd like to get rid of and some of Charlie's clothes that I never put her in. With three kids in a two bedroom condo I need to make sure I get rid of what's not being used! I can't stand the clutter!

Yesterday (Tuesday) I spent the day with my babes. Allie and I went camping (in her bedroom) and she made me an awesome meal which consisted of "Basghetti", cookies, purple ice cream, a hotdog and some tea. It was delish! The babies worked really hard on trying to roll over and we really just played all day.

I finally got some good photos of all three of my littles. 

It was a little difficult, but it worked out.

After Loren got home I went to the bank and to Target. By myself! I got a couple thinks we needed for dinner this week and I also scanned the clearance racks for a little bit. Glad I did because I found some good stuff.

They were having a B1G50% OFF sale on the Gerber Layettes, plus I had 2 $2 off coupons to use so I got a really good deal. I also found a couple Paw Patrol shirts for $2.70 a piece and I found a couple pairs of pants for Allie for about $3 a piece.

I came home after Target, put the kids to bed, played a couple bowling matches with Loren (He thinks he's awesome but I beat him!), did the dirty and went to bed. It was a pretty good day.

Wednesday morning I had some running around to do. I found some toys for the babes and clothes for Ray that I had to go pick up.

I then went over to my parents to help my dad make some business cards. I was supposed to go to Zumba, but I got my period for the first time since being pregnant and my cramps were terrible. I so did not miss that!

Now we're on to Thursday and it's a pretty quite day. Allie spent the night at Loren's parents last night so Loren and I watched a movie and went to bed early. I'm just working on getting some cleaning done while Allie is gone. I already got the rest of the laundry done, the dusting, bathrooms cleaned and now all I have to do is finish the vacuuming. After that I'm free to do whatever. I'm probably going to lay on a heating pad and catch up on some of my shows.

Oh and most definitely pop a pain pill. My back is killing me!

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  1. hey there. Im curious to know what the BST site you talked about selling the kids clothes on?


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