Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ah! Everybody is asleep for the night so I finally have sometime to sit and relax. This week has been quite a crazy one. It seems like we've been doing something everyday and I'm already over it. It's nice to get out, but it's so much work with the babies. I just want to stay indoors for the rest of the week and get some stuff done around the house.

It's been cold but at least Allie finally had some quality outdoor time. She's been itching to go outside and play for a while now so I finally said screw it and let her bundle up and play.  I swear this child is just like her dad, as soon as she gets some fresh air, her mood sky rockets. Now if spring would just show up already we'd be good.

I've been doing a little bit of shopping lately. Ray and Allie Mae grew out of their clothes so I've been rushing trying to find some clothes for them. I found some pjs on the BST sites but no outfits like we need. I made a trip to Carter's last weekend and got the rest of the outfits I needed for Raymond. I also picked up a cute Spring outfit for Allie. I have another $20 in Carter's cash to spend so I think I'm going to make another trip out there tomorrow.

The baby's heads have been doing much better. I did some reading and I guess flat heads with twins are more common than I thought. I found these Boppy Noggin Head Support Pillows and have been using them for the past couple of weeks now. Every time they're on their backs, they're laying on these. I'm already seeing a big difference and hopefully the doctor is pleased when we see her next month.
We are officially done nursing! While I do miss it every day, it is so much easier bottle feeding right now. I was producing plenty of milk for them, but it just wasn't filling the babies up enough. I literally was only getting about an hour break from nursing a day. It just wasn't possible anymore. The time I got to spend with Allie was minimal and we just cant have that! I need my time with my babe.

Two of my Groovebooks came in the mail this week. I like them, I think they're cute and convenient but I think the pictures printed too dark. I'm just not as happy with them as I thought I would be. I was hoping it was just a mess up with one of the books but then the other one came and the print quality was the same. The prints I get from Walgreens are much better, even for my phone pictures, but the Groovebook is so much easier so I think I'll just stick with them. I'm just throwing the books into my photo box anyway. I'll just have to get whatever I want framed printed from the store from now on.

Speaking of pictures, I finally got some framed and hung in the house. I replaced some of the older pictures we had up with new ones and everything is now up to date. Now I just need to make sure I continue to switch the photos out.

I finally opened savings accounts for all three of the kids last week. We've been saving change for a while now and decided everything we save will go into the kids' accounts. I had a huge mason jar full of change and was surprised to find out that we had just about $175 worth in it. It was the perfect amount to split up and deposit. I'm hoping to put at least $10 in each account every week, including whatever is saved up from the jar. It's not much but it will add up!

It was Valentine's Day this past Saturday and Loren and I had absolutely nothing planned. We never do. We decided to go bowling with some friends and just hang out at home for the rest of the day. We were really lazy and it was awesome.

Sunday my mom and I took the kids to the mall for the day. It was the babies first time at the mall and they did pretty good. Way better than Allie did. Allie was an absolute terrorist. She was running around like an animal. She kept running away from me and no matter what I did, I just couldn't get her to calm the F down. It was beyond annoying and embarrassing. It was easier caring for the twins than her. I can't wait until this Spring. She needs some major outside time. She has tons of built up energy that needs to be released.

Yesterday and today has been pretty easy going, but busy at the same time. Yesterday morning we went out to brunch with my mom, sister, aunt and cousin then came to my house afterwards to hang out with the kids. After they left Melanie and Ella came over to play for a while. Allie and Ella ran around and wrestled the whole time and Melanie helped with the babies so it was a nice little break. It was great to be able to talk to another adult for a couple hours!

My mom came over to watch the babies today while Allie and I went out and got all the grocery shopping done. This past week has been terrible with her 3 year old attitude. She was being a savage this morning so I thought for sure Walmart was going to be hell, but it pretty good. She actually listened for a change and wanted to sit in the cart. Shocker.

We don't really have that much planned for the rest of the week. Tomorrow I have Zumba again and Thursday and Friday I'm just planning on hanging out and getting some cleaning done. My vacuum cleaner took a crap on me a couple days ago and I ordered a new one that should be here tomorrow, so I'm sure I'll probably vacuum about 80 times this week. New vacuum cleaners are my favorite things ever.

Besides all that stuff. We really haven't been up to much. Same old, same old. Hopefully it starts warming up here soon. I'm really starting to get the winter blues.

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