Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sitting here with not one but TWO sleeping babies in my lap while the oldest is passed out for the night in Loren and I's bed. The silence is amazing.

It's been an easy going week so far. It's only Tuesday so it definitely has the potential to go South but hopefully it doesn't.

I had my first photo shoot since having the babies on Saturday. It went awesome! I was super nervous going into it, but everything went perfectly.

The ladies I took photos of were gorgeous and just wanted a fun ‘Best Friend' photo shoot so it went super smooth. I forgot how much I enjoy taking photos.

So far I have two shoots booked for this coming weekend and possibly a couple more. Hopefully I'll be busy. 

Loren and I finally got everything we needed into the tax guy so we should be getting our return back soon. I've really been trying to concentrate on saving money and getting some shit paid off. I’m sick of the debt. We still have about $4000 we need to pay off and then we’re in the clear. Now if we would just stop buying dumb unneeded junk, we would be good.

My dad had to take Silver Dog to the vet over the weekend because Sarah found a lump on his face that looked pretty bad. At first we thought he just got bit by something, but the Vet seems to think it’s cancer. He gave my parents some antibiotics that are supposed to clear up his face if it’s an infection. It’s supposed to work within a week, but so far it’s not looking good. In fact it’s getting worse. The lump has gotten bigger and all the hair is starting to fall off his lip. We’re about 95% sure It's mouth cancer at this point. It sucks because he's the greatest dog I've ever had. I just need to keep reminding myself that he’s lived a long happy 15 years. I hate to talk about him like he’s dead already but I really don’t think he’s going to last much longer. We decided we’re going to wait it out though and see how he does with it. He old, deaf, and almost blind but is still trotting around the yard and bossing 85lb Duggan around like he’s the king so we’re just going to see what happens. He truly is the best dog.

Nothing big is planned for the rest of the week. I've got some errands to run tomorrow and then Zumba tomorrow night. Thursday Loren with be out bowling with Adam and I think we have a dinner date set up with some friends for Saturday night. Loren mentioned Kyoto, fingers crossed that that's where we go! 

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