Monday, March 23, 2015

Allie, Raymond and Charlie Ann have been doing great lately. We finally hit the point where they are starting to take a couple naps a day instead of the terrible cat napping the babes were doing. It's so much easier planning out days out now. I can finally take the time to get a good chunk of stuff done instead of having to drag the small stuff out al day long.

The schedule the past week has gone something like this:

8am - Wake up for the day.
Get diapers changed, Allie to the bathroom, and breakfast and bottles ready.
8:30am Everyone eats breakfast. Babies get an 8oz bottle each and Allie has either waffles, pancakes, cereal or something along those lines. I usually have my blueberry muffin.
9-11:30am Allie and the babies hang out while I usually get laundry started and make the beds.
(Around 10:30 Allie is asking for a snack)
11:30am babies drink a 6oz bottle and go down for a nap.
12-2pm Babies nap while I hang out with Allie and we eat some lunch.
2:30pm Babies are usually up and drink another 6oz bottle.
3-4:30pm I basically run around the house and get my daily chores done. I'm usually doing whatever I have assigned for that day. I'm also getting dinner stuff ready.
5pm Babies have another 6oz bottle, I start dinner and depending on the day Allie is in the bathtub.
5:30 Babies go down for their last nap while we all eat dinner together,
6:30pm Babies wake up, Loren and I at this point are watching some TV or a movie while I'm also cleaning up from dinner and the day.
7:30pm Loren and I start getting the kids ready for bed. Loren brushes Allies teeth and hair, puts her pjs on and makes her go potty while I get the babes bottles ready, get them changed into their pjs, and wrapped/fat suit on.
7:45-8pm I feed the babies and Loren puts Allie to bed in our room. (She falls asleep in there and then we move her when we go to bed.)
By 9pm all the kids are asleep and Loren and I have a couple couple hours to ourselves. We usually watch some sort of show, I get bottles washed for the next day, dishes done and then surf the Internet for a little bit. Sometimes we pass out early.
Loren and I are usually in bed by 10-10:30pm

I'm actually loving our schedule lately. I'm just happy that I feel like I know what's coming next and I know when I have the time to get my stuff done. Allie's been taking naps again so now I need to try and get her napping with Raymond and Charlie plus I need to start the babes on solids so that's also going to need to be incorporated. We'll get there eventually.

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