Monday, March 9, 2015

Loren and I have been at each others throats lately, and even with our negative attitudes towards each other, I feel like we finally had a weekend where we got some important things done. AND without killing one another.

We had my parents watch the kids for a couple hours so I could do a couple photo shoots and Loren could get the babies crib put up. After I was done with the shoots, I came home to help Loren finish up and afterwards we both went to Walmart to get some quick grocery shopping done. Allie was super excited that she was going to be sharing her room with the babies from now on. I love how everything turned out and (crossing my fingers) I love that they are all sleeping really well.

I still have a couple more projects that need to be done before I'm completely satisfied. Allie destroyed the carpet so I really need to shampoo that, I also need to fix the drapes/drape rod, I used to have really long drapes hanging so the rod is up high and now with the shorter drapes it just looks goofy.

So anyway...The first night went great. All three of them slept until about 9am and they all woke up happy. I was nervous about Allie possibly trying to climb in the crib with the babes but Loren taught her how to look at them through the bars so now it seems like she isn't even thinking about trying it.

Sunday Loren watched the babes while Mom, Sarah and I took Allie Mae to the Disney Junior Live Pirates and Princess Adventure show in Rosemont. Allie freakin loved it! I'm pretty sure she was stunned for the first 10 minutes of the show. She sat on my lap with her mouth wide open in awe. During the intermission, I took her to get a souvenir and she picked out a light up Jake sword. I also got her two banners to hang in the kids' room and she got the take a picture with Jake and Izzy. Afterwards we went out to lunch at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill. It was just ok. The place was huge and while the pickle fries and honey bbq sauce were amazing, the ambiance was sub par. I feel like the place needed more decor or something. It was all very bland. All well though, the food was good so I guess that's all that really matters.

Well, now it's Monday night.

It's supposed to be near 60 degrees tomorrow so I'm thinking about taking Allie to the park. She will freak if we get to do that. I also need to stop at Sally's Beauty and get some hair dye and also make a quick run to Walmart for some randoms that we forgot to get over the weekend.

The rest of the week should be pretty easy going. Nothing else is really planned. I've got Zumba on Wednesday and I'm sure at some point Loren will be bowling with Adam. No plans for this coming weekend and hopefully it stays that way. Easter is now less than a month away so I really need to start getting the kids' baskets together. Maybe I'll start that this weekend?

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