Tuesday, August 4, 2015

It's been months since I wrote last. I feel like life has finally started to slow down and now I have the chance to actually sit and write. I kind of forgot I even had a blog.

A lot has happened in the past couple months.

We rented out the condo and moved in to a house across town. Best decision ever. We tossed around the idea for a while but were kind of lazy about it. We decided to to try and find a renter first and see where that took us. We put the condo up for rent and within 24 hours we found an awesome lady to move in.

We're living in an actual house now with a yard and finished basement that has tons of room for the kids to be crazy. While I do sometimes hate this house, I feel like we made the best decision for our family. Hopefully we buy a house though, whether it be this one or a different one, soon. Allie seems so much happier being able to roam free and I'm happy that I don't have to pack all three kids up in order to go to the park so they get some outside time. Loren has his garage and room to do whatever he wants and I now have all the space I need for all our stuff.

Loren is still truck driving and things are going pretty good. He and Adam both got new trucks a couple months ago and so far things seem to be working out. They had a couple weeks where at least one truck was being worked on but thankfully they worked their way out of it.

I started working pretty much full time and while I'm at work, the kids are at a new babysitter who they love. I was taking the kids to work with me but now that the babies are crawling it just got to be too much to deal with. I had three kids going in three different directions while I was trying to work. They would get bored, I would get annoyed and it just wasn't working all the way around. I've been making a decent amount of extra money and it feels good to be able to help provide for our kids. We lost ourselves a little with spending money but I came up with our new budget and savings goals so hopefully we get back on track here soon.

Loren turned 30 earlier this month and I threw him a birthday party. We ended up having about 30 people show up to celebrate with us and it was a really good time. It felt amazing having a place where we were able to host a large party.

So now on to our little loves...

Allie Mae is doing amazing. Her speech has really taken off the past 8 months or so and her little brain has been acting as a sponge. She is learning so many new things and soaking up everything. She's been enjoying her summer spending most of it outside and playing with other kids. She's been adjusting okay with having a brother and sister. She has her good days and bad days. Some days she loves them and wants to be all over them and others she pushing them down and freaking out if they touch anything of hers. She will get used to it and hopefully the older the babies get, the funner it will be for her. She still loves animals and doing anything outdoors. She is the biggest daddy's girl I know. She loves cereal and stuffing things into her backpacks. She is the most beautiful three year old I know.

Charlie Ann and Raymond have also been doing really well. They are now almost 10 months old. I can't even believe how fast time flies when you have twins. I feel like we just brought them home yesterday and now all of a sudden their huge and have teeth! Raymond now has three teeth and Charlie will be pushing that third one out any day now. They both are crawling around like champs and have started eating big people food. Raymond will eat pretty much anything except apples and Charlie loves all fruit, anything else makes her gag. Raymond just started standing on his own and I'm pretty sure walking is right around the corner. Charlie is way too interested in bouncing when she gets on her feet so I'm thinking walking is going to take a while. They both love their big sister and no one is ever able to make them laugh as much as she does.

So all in all, things are going really good. I'm hoping now that I kind of got caught up I can keep going with this. Things get crazy around here and the last thing on my mind is sitting down to write. Any down time I have, all I want to do is sleep!

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