Tuesday, January 21, 2014

After Christmas clearance shopping has been pretty sweet this week. I wasn't really planning on doing any clearance shopping, but I've been finding deals that were just too good to pass up.

I went over to Target on Saturday because I saw so many people talking about their 70% off toy clearance. I was disappointing walking into the isles because all I saw was a 50% off sign, BUT after looking at some of the tags, I realized a lot of the toys WERE marked 70% off. JACKPOT! After going through every last toy and looking at all the tags I decided to take a walk through the rest of the store to see if I could find anything else on sale.

I ended up getting 2 Febreeze air fresheners, 4 Softsoaps, a drink tumbler, a pack of butterfly tattoos, a Monsters U monster, a Doodle Bear and a Princess Sofia sweatshirt all for around $22. Saving myself over $50! It looks like Allie's Easter basket is well on it 's way.

After Target, we stopped over at Bath & Body Works real quick so I could get a couple free lotions I had coupons for and noticed they were having their semi-annual sale. With all the 75% off signs, I just couldn't bring myself to leave.

I ended up finding quite a few items I just had to get. For some reason I was all about getting anything tropical. I'm just so over the pine/Christmas scents.

Everything came out to be $25, which is awesome! One of those candles alone is $20 at full price!

I love a good sale, but I'm kind of hoping they're going to stop soon! I haven't shopped this much in so long, I feel like some old bad habits are going to arise. Lord help me and our bank account!

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