Sunday, February 2, 2014

Big changes have happened once again with the Hamms.

Other than the major life change Loren has been working on (we'll get into that when it actually happens, don't want to jinx anything), Allie and I have had some big changes too.

Starting with Allie:

She graduated to a big girl bed! She is a very rough sleeper and her toddler bed just wasn't cutting it anymore. All night you could hear her bumping and banging into the sides of the bed causing her to wake up and want to come into Momma and Daddy's room. We got her a convertible crib and we were planning on using it but realized that it could only be converted into a full sized bed and the mattress we got for free from a family member was twin sized. It ended up working out perfect though. If we would have gone with a full sized mattress it would have had gaps in between the wall and bed and I was planning on using the wall to help keep her from rolling out of bed. Allie loves her new room. She's been sleeping better and has actually wanted to play in her room. Usually she's pulling everything out into the living room, but now she's totally ok with being in her room.

I was most excited about the bed set we got her. I seriously looked forever and I finally found this one from Walmart.

I was ready to go as soon as I ordered it, but of course it took a couple weeks for the set to be shipped and about a week for us to be able to get the mattress set. Luckily we had it set up before we had all the terrible weather.

Her bed doesn't look as good as I want it too, but it's kind of hard to actually make it with the stupid rail along the side. I'm thinking in maybe a year or two we will get her a full mattress so she can use her head and foot board, she needs to get used to this first.

 Here little kitchen section.

 Our "learning board", we've been using this to learn a couple shapes, our 1 2 3s, and we just started A B C.

We decided to take the TV from our room and put it into Allie's so she can watch a movie while playing. We never used it anyway.

Everything looks so cute. I love it!

So anyway, besides Allie's new big girl bed, she's finally started talking a lot more. In the last week or so she's started putting two words together. And she is repeating EVERYTHING. I hear her all the time talking to herself and now I am actually able to understand most of what she is saying.

Besides all that Allie business, I finally got myself a job. I've been tossing around the idea for a while now, but was way too scared to actually take the plunge. I found the perfect job for myself. I started working for a cleaning company and I'm on to my third week now and I love it. It's not like every other cleaning company that goes around cleaning homes that people live in, it's way better, I clean empty houses that have been newly remodeled that are up for rent.

The best part about it is I can make my own schedule and I can take Allie with if I needed too. I make really good money which is another plus. I'm averaging about $300 a week and I'm only working 3 days and sometimes only 4 hours a day. It's pretty much the perfect job for me and my schedule.

On our way home from a long day at work. 
I'm most excited about being able to still be around Allie all the time. I was really worried about getting a job because being her momma and Loren's wife is my job and I didn't want anything to interfere with that. We've finally started building up a good amount of money so Loren and I decided that what I'm making will be play and savings money. It feels good to be able to bring some sort of income into the home.

With all the new positive changes we've had, life has been going pretty good and hopefully they continue too.

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