Saturday, February 8, 2014

This week has been quite a roller coaster ride.

I only ended up working two days this week, but did a ton of houses both days. Tuesday was Allie's first day at daycare. I was so worried about what it was going to be like dropping her off. I imagined there to be lots of crying (me and her), screaming, I imagined her trying to follow me out the door and a teacher holding her back. I was expecting this huge drama filled goodbye, but that wasn't it at all. As soon as I opened the doors to her classroom and she saw all the other kids, she booked it and I had to chase her around in order to get a kiss goodbye. I was feeling pretty good.

Once I left and was at work for a couple hours I decided to call and check on her. I was expecting to hear that she was doing great and having a ton of fun, instead the teacher informed me that she had been crying pretty much ever since she realized I wasn't there anymore. I was kind of angry at first because no one called me, but I guess they're probably used to kids doing that on their first day. I was gone for a couple more hours after the call and was worrying the whole time! I seriously could not stop thinking about her. It didn't make it any better that it was the first day of my period either.

When I finally made it back to pick her up she was napping. As soon as she realized that I was there she was so happy. She had her arms wrapped around my neck so tight and was saying "Hi Momma" over and over again. Her eyes were all puffy from crying all day and she just looked so tired. It made me so sad that she thought I wasn't coming back. I seriously just want to give up and never take her back, but then again I feel like she needs to be around other kids in a school like atmosphere. It's a really big change from what her and I are used to and hopefully she'll get used to it, but I won't MAKE her do it. If she's not ready, she's not ready.

Wednesday came and Loren was off work because of some bad weather but my dad and I decided to go into work anyway. Terrible idea. The roads were nasty and some were closed due to semis getting stuck, none of the houses had been shoveled yet and it was super cold.

It took us about an hour to get to the first house when it should have only taken 15 minutes. Once we finally got there, this happened...

Yup. We did that. Embarrassing.

We were pulling into the driveway and when my dad tried to stop, the truck decided it wasn't going to. We slid right into the house. It's funny now, but we both were so scared right after it happened. I was so worried about loosing my new job and I also felt so bad for my dad. He was freaking out thinking that he was going to get me fired. I finally called my boss after we had already sat there for about a good 20 minutes trying to decide what we were going to do next. She was surprisingly calm about it. We called up the insurance company and figured everything out. Luckily insurance is going to cover everything and no one was fired.

Hopefully next week goes smoother.

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