Monday, March 17, 2014

Finally in a little better mood. The past couple of days have been rough. So much stuff has been running through my head and I feel like it's been making me sick. We have some major changes that I'm not wanting to discuss yet, but that alone has me very worried/excited/scared/happy...just about every emotion a person can feel.

We've really just been layin low the past couple of days. We tried potty training again this weekend and it was terrible. It was a fight the whole time. I'm thinking we'll try again this weekend but I'm not going to push her. I want her potty trained within the next four months or so, but we're just going to take our time with it. We've been working on our colors and 123's and she's doing really good! She's got the colors red, blue and yellow pretty much down and can count to 4 with help. I can't believe how fast she is growing and learning all these new things. She's like a little sponge. I've been trying to limit iPad and movie time and have more learning time. I've been finding some great ideas on Pinterest for some homeschooling stuff I'd like to incorporate into our week.

I really want to figure out some sort of schedule for school. I'm thinking a half hour a day without any interruptions would be good to start with. I don't want to burn her out on it too early. I want to have a theme for each day, I'm just having a hard time coming up with 5 of them for each day of the week. I was thinking something along the lines of a craft day, colors day, ABCs day, baking day or maybe a couple others, I'm not sure yet.

Besides all that business, we've been working with Allie and her words and she's finally starting talking more. She's been a manners queen and I love it. The other day I sneezed while in our bedroom and I hear her in the living room say "Bess you Momma". She says please or "peas" and thank you, "tank you".

She's getting there and I'm so proud.

Well, I'm not really feeling this whole blogging thing today.

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  1. If she's not ready to potty train, just leave it out somewhere where she can see it- like in the living room (attractive, I know!) but Annabelle used to just sit on it with her clothes on. Or you can try using the big potty, that's truly what worked for us, she hated using that little potty, but once we bought a little seat for the normal toilet she really got into it. They have these awesome fold up ones that you can take anywhere.

    I was also pre-planning on doing some kind of "school" work for Annabelle once we got settled into Nebraska- but I was thinking like weekly themes instead of daily. and incorporating a single letter, number, word, color, whatever- she's almost to the learning to write stage, so I thought one day would be like finding things that begin with that letter, tracing/practicing letter, etc
    And I think we are going to do like 2 or 3 days a week about an hour a day- since it seems that's what most preschools seem to do.

    The ipad actually has some fantastic learning apps on it- so does the Nabi, Annabelle has been doing this tracing letters app, she thinks it's a game, but she is definitely learning something!

    And finally, awesome job teaching good manners! Those are so super important! Plus the way they say please and thank you are absolutely adorable!


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