Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Well I finally feel like I can write about one of our big life changes without jinxing it.

Loren and his brother Adam have been working on starting their own business the past 6 months or so and it's finally happening. Loren put in his two weeks last week and tomorrow is going to be his last day with the union. It's still a little nerve wracking to think about, but Loren is so excited and it sounds like it's a good move.

So what's the business? Drum roll please....

Hamm Brothers Trucking inc.

They decided to open their own trucking company! They already have the trucks, the work and all the legal stuff done. It's been a long process and honestly in the beginning I didn't really think it was going to actually happen. I thought it was all talk and then we got 4 months into the "talk", had some meetings with an accountant and lawyer and then I started realizing this was really happening.

They'll be working for a local company hauling gravel and other materials to and from their pit. Loren will be working a lot closer to home and he's ecstatic about that. He's been working down in the South side of Chicago for the past year with this new company and he's so over it. Me too. He comes home everyday pissy because of all the crap he has to work around. It will be a breath of fresh air working for himself and close to home. I mean, where would you rather work?

I'll take gravel in the middle of nowhere over trash and abandoned buildings in the middle of the ghetto any day.

Friday they'll be going to the pit to put plates on, take them for a ride and get them all cleaned up for their first day on Monday.

And there's Loren's truck! I'm really happy for him and I'm really happy for our family. Hopefully this is the right move and it all works out great.

Well I'm off to finally, for the first time this week, get some much needed laundry done. I'm not really in the writing mood anyway.

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