Thursday, May 15, 2014

I'm feeling terrible today and have no desire to get up from this couch so I figured today is as good as any to get a couple posts done.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Mother's Day. I did. We went to see both our moms and I had the chance to enjoy my day also. I got some planting done and spruced up the patio a bit.

I got some Rosemary and Lavender to plant in pots.

I also got a couple hanging plants. One Strawberry plant (very excited about this) and one Pansy plant.

I decided I'm not going to plant anymore veggies this year. I've got two broccoli plants and three sweet pea plants that I've had since seedlings, but other than that I'm not really interested in planting anything else. I still want to do some canning throughout the summer but I decided that instead of planting everything I want to can, I'm just going to hit up the farmers markets for some deals.

Other than planting, I ran into Ulta with my mom. She was looking for some shampoo and conditioner, I was there just to keep her company. I did find some pretty good deals though! They had a big sale on their Ulta products...

I got 4 nail polishes (normally $6 on sale for $2 each  ) and 2 eyeliners (normally $5 on sale for $1 a piece) for $10. I never go to Ulta, but I'm glad I went this time.

That's pretty much all we did this Mother's Day and I was happy with that. It was nice to have a day where you can do whatever you want and nobody expects you to do anything.

I wish there was at least one day a week like that...

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