Thursday, May 15, 2014

I've been shopping around at a ton of garage sales this week trying to find things for the babes and last week I was pretty lucky.

When I found out I was pregnant with Allie I started garage saling right away because I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a new baby. I always thought that the second time around would be easier because I wouldn't need as much stuff. I was wrong. With twins you need twice as much. I'm waiting to find out the genders so I can start stocking up on clothes and going through Allie's clothes, but everything else I've been buying already. I've always liked the gender neutral stuff more anyway.

Last week I found some really good deals for the babes and Allie. First for the twins...

I found a brand new swing that someone was willing to sell to me to for $45. I've been really picky about the swing. I had to buy one that plugged into the wall. Allie loved her swing and if I had to buy batteries for it we would've went broke. Unfortunately the swing we had for Allie decided to not work anymore so now we have to get two. With that being said, I can't pass up a deal. The swing I got for $45 is WAY girly but I'll just drape blankets over it if I have two boys.

I also got two Boppies with 4 extra covers for $20, a ton of like new baby toys all for $20, and a new travel highchair for $10...

I want to get two of these things. I think it's genius. Instead of having to lug out two giant highchairs, these things will stay attached to the table. It will help to get us eat our meals at the table as a family more too.

And for Allie I found a lady who was selling 6 barely used Disney princess dresses all for $10 AND a Fisher Price Loving Family Grand Dollhouse with a ton of furniture for $40. I was going to save both the dresses and dollhouse for Christmas, but Allie's really into pretend play with her Little People lately so we decided to give it to her now. The dresses we'll save for later though.

She loves this thing! It's so cute watching her make all the dolls talk to one another.

So it wasn't a bad week at all. $145 for all this stuff that will for sure be used and if it doesn't, it will all resell easily.

I have a new diaper bag and a set of plates and bowls to pick up tomorrow, both for $10 each, then afterwards I'm going to stop by a couple more garage sales and relax for the rest of the day.

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