Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Oi! The past couple weeks have sure been hectic. We've gotten a lot done, but still have a ton more to do. I feel like no matter how much preparing we do, there is still going to be a ton that will never get done. It's nice though. Because we've been down this baby road before, we kind of have an idea of what we need to prepare for and what is the most important. We have never had TWO babies at once though, so I have a feeling there will still be lots of shock factor.

I was feeling really down the other day. I'm excited for to have three kids some days but them other days I just want to cry. We always wanted to have another baby, but we NEVER wanted three kids. I was planning on getting my tubes tied after the second. I feel like I'm being really terrible by not being excited sometimes, but this really is changing everything. I got the car seats the other day, Loren tried to fit them into my car and that was a no go. Now we need a new car, we'll need a bigger house sooner than we had originally planned, more money that we don't have is going to be spent, more time taken away from Allie, less time for Loren and I to be a married couple. The list could gos on. I just feel like we're being pushed into something we never asked for and that's really scary.

On the other hand I am excited. I think it's cool that we were able to conceive twins when it doesn't run in the family at all, I'm exited it's a boy and girl, and I'm really excited for when they get older. I just need the first six months or so to go fast and smooth.

We've been really lucky too. When people find out you're having twins all they want to do is give us stuff, which is awesome! We been very blessed and people have already helped us out so much.

Here's the latest load we received. And this was from one family...

(And yes, my husband is THAT guy who hauls stuff around in his boat.)

There was literally TONS of stuff this family gave us. We were very lucky. We were able to keep a bunch  of stuff and give a bunch to our parents for when the kids are at their houses.

So besides trying to wrap our heads around the fact that in just 4 short months we will go from 1 kid to 3, we really haven't been up to much.  Just the normal Hamm family happenings.

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