Saturday, September 27, 2014

Another coupon trip down that I feel pretty good about.

I've been trying to find some diaper deals and I finally found a pretty decent one at CVS a couple days ago.

This was the first time I've ever shopped there and I honestly don't think I'll ever go back unless a good enough deal comes up. Maybe it's just because I'm not used to the store or their coupon policy, but I was so confused with how their store card works. Luckily the cashier was a huge help.

Here's my little haul:

They were offering a $20 gift card for every $30 spent on certain products and Huggies and Pull Ups were a couple of those items.

Here's the the breakdown

1st Trans:
4 packs of Pull Ups
On sale for 8.99 each
- $8.50 mfr coupons
$30.25 inc tax + I received a $10 gc

2nd Trans:
4 packs of Huggies diapers
On sale for 8.99 each
- $8.50 mfr coupons
- $10 gc
$20.25 inc tax + another $10 gc

3rd Trans:
1 package of 320 ct Huggies wipes
Regular price 11.99
- .50 mfr coupon
- $2.40 20% off coupon
$9.83 inc tax
- $10 gc
Free + .17 left on gc

Everything at regular price would have been about $115 and I spent $50.

It's a good deal but I really don't think I'll shop there again unless a great deal comes up. I'd rather shop at Walgreens. 

I've got some other trips planned for tomorrow as soon as I get the coupons I need. Nothing too huge though. 

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