Saturday, September 20, 2014

Breaking News!! Amanda actually bought herself something today!

Lately it seems as though everything we've been purchasing has been either for the twins or for Allie. I love shopping for my babies, but it's nice to actually get out and do some shopping for myself.

Loren got home from work around 6 tonight so I decided that since he doesn't have to work tomorrow it would be a good time to leave him and Allie behind and head over to Kohl's with my mom. He's been home late every single night this week so it was a good opportunity for him and Allie to get in some Daddy/Daughter time anyway.

I've been in search of a nice plain black diaper bag/tote/purse. Something that I could put everything into one so I don't have to carry around eight million bags. I learned the first time around around that it really isn't necessary to have everything on you all the time. It's definitely good to have the stuff you may need within a close distance but I don't think I really NEED to carry two extra outfits for each baby on me constantly. So what I'm planning on doing is packing my normal diaper bag and having that in the car at all times. I'm going to put a smaller bag into the diaper bag that I can put an extra outfit, diapers, the wipes and what not into. That way I can just grab that smaller bag and put it into my tote which should be able to carry everything else we need like my wallet, keys, anything Allie may need etc. I know going from one to three kids in no time is going to take some getting used too so I'm pretty sure we won't be venturing out as much as Allie and I do. I also know that with three kids comes a lot of stuff and if I do decide to be brave and go out, I don't want to have to carry a giant diaper bag, two car seats and one toddler into a store. I'm just trying to see if I'll be able to make my life a little easier after the babes come.

So anyway...

I finally found a nice bag that I think will work perfect for what I'm going for.

It's the Havana Tote by Vera Wang! I am such a purse person so I was pretty excited to finally get myself another one. (It's been almost a year since I got a new purse!)

This bag is normally $89 but was on sale for $44.50
I also had a $10 off coupon that Kohl's sent me a couple days ago and a 20% off code to use.

Both of those discounts brought it down to $25.60!

It's not free, but a $90 purse for $25? I'll take it!

And besides, it's WAY cheaper than any of the diaper bags I've been looking at.

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