Thursday, September 11, 2014

I knew I was crazy when I thought going camping while 32 weeks pregnant with twins was a good idea. Thank God we were only about 20 minutes from home.

We didn't really start the weekend off very good. Loren's semi got stuck on his last job for the day so I was left packing up the entire car and running to Walmart to get some last minute things by myself. We didn't even make it to the campsite until about 8:45. When we got there we set up the tent, blew up the air mattress and by that time Allie was extremely tired so I had to get her to bed. We stayed up talking with the other couple we went with until about 1:30 in the morning, it was fun, but I was exhausted. Once Loren and I got settled in the tent it was a battle all night to get any sleep at all. Between the raccoons messing with the coolers, Loren snoring, Allie moving constantly, me getting too hot and not being able to get comfortable at all, I got maybe 30 mins of sleep, if I was lucky. I was so overtired by the time everyone else woke up I actually felt awake. We had an amazing breakfast over the fire and around noon everyone took a nap. We all woke up, hung out around the fire, the kids played in the woods, we went to the park and then had another really good meal over the fire. By the end of the day, I decided I was going to go home for the night so I could get a good nights sleep.

Sunday morning I went back to the campgrounds and we had some breakfast, took the tents down and went home to catch up on some sleep. It was a lot of fun though. It was the first weekend in months that we spent the whole time together as a family with nothing else to do. Allie loved being outside all weekend. She is definitely her fathers daughter. A simple stick in the outdoors can keep her busy for hours.

Later Sunday afternoon we had our "baby dinner" to go to at my brother and sister in laws house. We were served good food and got to open some gifts, gifts that we needed. The theme was "Thing 1 and Thing 2", I'm not much of a Dr. Seuss fan, but the decor was adorable! 

It was really nice to do something small with just the family. I really didn't want another baby shower. 

Overall it was a nice weekend. Very relaxing. Now it's time to get our butts back into gear and finish getting the house ready for these babies. Almost done!

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