Friday, September 5, 2014

Well this week ended up being pretty successful. I finally got all the baby clothes washed and organized, cleaned the car seats and Allie and I even built a sweet cardboard fort.

I had my first NST this week and everything went good except for the fact that I almost passed out from laying on my back too long. I just can't breathe on my back anymore. They let me take the test on my side and everything went well. Both babies heart beats are perfect, there's great movement and they are both head down! Doc said there is only a 4% chance of them flipping this late so that's awesome to hear. I talked to the doctor a little bit about my birth plan and she said with as good as everything is going, I will most likely be having these babies vaginally. I told her about some pain that I've been having in my pelvic are so she did and exam and my cervix is still completely closed. She also said she could feel a head so that would explain all the pain down there. She told me that I only have 7 more weeks to go. She said she thinks I'll definitely be able to go full term, but it's easier on the mom and babies to have them out around 38 weeks. So if I don't go into labor on my own by 38 weeks, they'll most likely induce me. That gives me a new date of October 23rd. Three days before my 28th birthday. It's going to suck if I end up being in the hospital on my birthday but I have a feeling by that point, I'll just want these babies out.

We've got lots happening this weekend. We're going camping tonight and tomorrow night. Not sure yet how it's going to go. I'm really excited because it will be the first weekend in months that all three of us will be together all weekend long, but I have a feeling I wont be getting much sleep and I'll be pretty sore by Sunday.

On Sunday we'll be going to a mini baby shower that my sister in law planned for us. I wasn't really fond of having a second baby shower but she insisted. We met in the middle and she ended up planning something small for just the family. I'm excited though. With getting most of the stuff we need for the babies in the house, cleaning off the car seats and having this little shower, I finally feel like this is real and I'm becoming a little more excited each day. It's sucks going through a pretty rotten pregnancy and being scared to death the whole time. I know we'll be okay though. It's going to take some getting used too, but I'm certain we can do this. Loren and I make a great team. And besides, every time I get flustered and scared, I just look at the beautiful, smart, fun loving little girl we have now and all my worries go away. We are so blessed and if these twins are anything like the amazing Allie Mae, we are going to have a blast.

Well I'm off, gotta wake our sleeping beauty up and get the car packed.

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