Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Loren's gone up North hunting for the week so it's been pretty quite around here. He left Friday afternoon and probably won't be home until this Sunday - depending on how hunting goes. Opening morning he got this guy, so he's off to a good start.

He's a big guy and he's going to look real pretty on our wall! Best of all, we got meat! We, for the first time in our 10 year relationship, have used all of our ground venison. Hopefully he can get a doe this week so we can have a good amount stocked up again. I HATE cooking with ground beef. I can't wait to have some venison spaghetti sauce again! I'm so happy he got the buck though. He's missed out on all of bow season this year and hasn't really gotten a nice size buck the past couple years. And he so deserves it! He's been working so hard lately, I'm just so glad he has the chance to get away and kill stuff for a week. I think he'll come back feeling a bit more refreshed.

Allie, my sister and I decorated the house for Christmas last night and everything looks so festive. We put the big family tree up and we put a small tree up in Allie's room. She;s so excited to have her own tree. Now that my family is complete I actually spent some money and ordered all of us new stockings. I can't wait to hang them.

I took Allie to her first gymnastics class today and she loved it. There were a couple times she didn't want to listen to the teacher, but I'm thinking she'll get the hang of following the rules in a couple weeks. It was all so new and overwhelming for her, she just wanted to run free. She learned how to do somersaults, the toddler version of a cart wheel, she learned how to do back flips into a foam pit and also learned how to walk on a balance beam. I'm thinking I finally found a class that she is going to love. It was nice that I was able to go and take the babies also. She's finally at that age where I don't need to be in the class with her. It will be nice that she'll have something to keep her busy this winter.

After class we were going do a little shopping at Carter's, but Mother Nature decided to throw us a curve ball and send us some snow. The roads were a little too crappy for me to be driving around with all three kids, plus it was pretty darn cold. I just wanted to get home and cuddle in the warmth.

Hopefully this week goes by fast.Allie and I are already missing Loren. It's just too boring without him here. Tomorrow I'm planning on going to Hobby Lobby to get a couple more ornaments for Allie's tree and maybe some more decorations.

Thursday is Thanksgiving Day and we're planning on just having a small family dinner with just my parents and sister at their house. It will be nice to not have to see a bunch of people this year. Black Friday is also a couple days away and I really haven't seen anything that I want to head out for. Plus I'm already done Christmas shopping for the most part. I am going to go to Meijer at some point during the day because all their Carter's baby clothes will be Buy one get two free. Hopefully I make it there before everything is sold. It will be a good chance to stock up on some clothing for the kids.

So yeah, this week should be pretty quiet. Hopefully just a lot of relaxing and cuddling with these babies...

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