Saturday, November 22, 2014

This post is long overdue, but Allie Mae is officially the big 3!

3 is a fun but difficult age. I laugh now when I hear people talk about the "terrible twos". Not that she's been 3 for very long, but it seemed like as soon as it was right around the corner she started acting like a little teenager. The attitude, sass, the evil looks and the tantrums, it's a lot of fun. But just as soon as the little terrorist starts showing up, the fun loving, kind hearted little Allie Mae makes an appearance. I swear, if adults acted the way 3 year olds did, they would be institutionalized.

Besides being a moody little girl, my Allie is also the funniest little girl I know. The things that come out of her mouth are hilarious. She is the biggest daddy's girl the world has ever seen, but also loves cuddling with her Momma. She makes our lives so much fun.

So what are Allie's likes and dislikes?
  • Allie loves doing anything that involves running around like a crazy animal. She is not the kid that will sit calmly and do crafts or even color. She would much rather be active. 
  • She loves to be outside and LOVES to go hunting with daddy.
  • She loves learning about animals and her favorite show is Wild Kratts - or "Martin Chris", as she calls it. She even has her very own creature power suit that she runs around the house in.
  • Allie has a great imagination. She really likes to play with all of her little animals toys and make them talk to one another. 
  • She likes to play dress up every once in a while but isn't a typical girl about it. She likes to wear her super hero cape, pretend she's a firefighter or a doctor the most. 
  • She just started to enjoy reading books. She'll actually sit down long enough for me to read her a story now. 
  • She loves to sing and dance. She'll sing any song...the Allie way.
  • She loves anything that has camo on it. For instance, if it's a camo shirt, it's a "hunting shirt", if they're socks, they're "hunting socks", everything that's camo is for hunting. Even my camo purse.
  • She loves taking super long baths and LOVES to sit on the toilet. She's our potty princess. She'll sit there for at least a half hour every time if I don't make her get off. 
  • Allie is a great big sister but is already playing favorites. Raymond is a crier so she gets a little annoyed of him, but she is head over heals for Charlie Ann. She just started helping me change her diaper and clothes and if Charlie is hanging out on the floor, Allie has to be right next to her. She loves Raymond and loves talking to him, but hates when he cries. 
  • Allie's favorite breakfast foods are muffins and bananas or grapes. She likes to snack on string cheese, grapes, apples, yogurt and cheese puffs. For lunch she likes raviolis, french fries, pizza, hot dogs and mac n cheese the best. And for dinner she'll usually eat whatever I make. She loves when I make tuna noodle the best. 
  • She hates broccoli, so much so that it makes her gag. 
  • She likes apple juice and milk to drink. She also loves to drink out of my water bottles. She says water makes her tummy happy. 
  • We just started teaching her about God and heaven and now prays every night. After prayer she goes through the list of everyone she wants God to bless. "God bless Momma, God bless Daddy" and so on. She even asks for everyone's dogs and horses to be blessed. Then she goes on to talk about how God lives in the clouds with the angels and wild turkeys. Makes me laugh every time.
  • She is scared of the dark all of a sudden. We now have to let her fall asleep in our bed or we have to deal with a major meltdown. After she's asleep, I sneak her into her bed and then she's usually back in bed with us around 3:30 am. Hopefully she grows out of that soon. 
  • She is going to gymnastics every Monday now and really likes it. She has a hard time paying attention to everything the teacher says but for the most part does really good.
  • She gets along great with most kids. She sometimes can be a little too overwhelming to other kids though, especially the shy ones. She plays really good most of the time until a kid hits or pushes her. Then she gets mad. We've taught her never to hit another kid, BUT she knows she can hit back if they hit her first. Usually the other kid is the one who backs down first.
  • She's a little bruiser, she likes to play rough and get dirty but if there is any sign of blood, even on someone else, she looses it. If she's bleeding, it needs a bandage stat or she'll act like whatever body part it is, is going to fall off. If someone else is bleeding, she gets legit concerned. She needs to know you're ok before she can go about her day. 
  • She's obsessed with Poppy's tractor and loves to "work" on it with tools.
  • One of her most favorite things are treasure maps and finding her way to the "Golden Pyramids". You must watch out for the "Nile Crocodile" though!
  • She has the prettiest blond hair that is finally down to the middle of her back. She still hasn't had her first hair cut and I'm not planning on that until it's down to her butt. 
  • She's nose picker who has to constantly be reminded that it gross.
  • She loves to have her feet rubbed and get her toenails painted. 
Overall she is the most amazing little girl ever. She's taught me and Loren so much and neither one of us could imagine our lives without our Monkey Mae. I can't wait to see what this next year will be like. 

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