Wednesday, November 12, 2014

This weekend is going to be a busy one. The babies are going to be a month old on Friday and Allie's going to be three on Monday! They're not lying when they say that time flies after you have kids. I can't believe Allie is already three. It's been a fun three years, that's for sure.

We'll be doing a birthday dinner with my parents Friday night, Loren's parents Saturday night and we'll be spending the day with Allie all day Sunday. Loren also has to go up to the pit to put brakes on one of the semis and Sunday is our day to grocery shop (since it's now impossible for me to do it by myself anymore). 

I'm hoping I can get some online shopping done this weekend for Christmas. I've finished shopping for the kids, now I just need to finish our parents and my sister. I have ideas for everyone, I just need to order most of it now. This will be the first year we won't be making everyone's gifts. We just don't have the time for it this year. I ordered the kids Christmas outfits the other day and I plan on taking their photos soon so I can print and frame some of them for the grandmas and maybe make mugs for the grandpas. That's about as crafty as I'm going to get this year.

I'm really excited about the outfits I found though.

Carter's had a pretty good sale going on so I was able to get 3 outfits and 3 pairs of pjs all for under $70 with free shipping.

This will be Allie's outfit (with the red pants). 

Charlie and Raymond's outfits.

I started a Christmas pj photo tradition with Allie when she was born so I got them all matching pjs for this year's pj photos. The babies will be wearing the red. 

Online shopping is the way to go when you have a million kids and can't get out of the house as easy. Loren racked up a ton of points from the business credit card this year so we were able to get about $400 worth of gift cards for Walmart. We decided we're going to go on a little shopping spree for Christmas this year. We've already made our lists. You know you're old when these are a some of the things you want for Christmas...

Yes, I REALLY want a new toaster and robe. BAD!

Well I'm off, I need to pay some bills then this momma is going to bed. Praying I get at least 4 hours of sleep tonight...

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