Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Well, last night was the first official terrible night. It was one of those nights where I only got about 20 minutes combined sleep. Charlie Ann was up all.night.long with terrible gas and every time I would finally get her to calm down, Raymond was up and hungry. 6 am rolled around and I finally got her to sleep, and then sure enough, Allie was up soon after. Luckily she likes to relax in the morning so I was able to get about another two hours of sleep. It's amazing that the human body can still function after no sleep. Dinner is definitely being delivered tonight.

This past week has been pretty busy. My mom was on vacation so I was able to spend a lot of time with her and she was around to help a lot. Last week the babies had they're check up and Raymond was circumcised. That was rough. I've never been one who's been bothered by my kids getting shots or anything, but this was totally different. I could hear him screaming all the way in the back of the office the whole time. It probably didn't help that the night before I watched a baby circumcision video on YouTube either. The whole time I could picture him being strapped down and screaming. It only took about three days for it to heal up and it looks really good now. Like it never happened. Besides that nasty business, the doctor said they're doing really well. Raymond is up to 7lbs 13oz and Charlie is 7lbs 3oz. they're growing so fast. Raymond is such a chunk and loves to eat. Charlie doesn't eat as much but is still gaining really well.

Allies been doing really well. She is so in love with Charlie. Always hugging and kissing on her. I try to get her to do the same to Raymond but it's a no go. She's already playing favorites. We've been tying to teach her some new things lately because I feel like with her turning three in a couple days she should know more than she does. She's just like I was though. She hates learning if it doesn't interest her. I, for the longest time, thought she was color blind because the only colors she knew were black and white. I had her take a toddler color blind test and she passed. She just doesn't want to learn. Besides colors she now knows about 4 different shapes, she can count to about 15 on a good day and is starting to sing the ABCs. I know she's smart though. You point out any animal and she knows exactly what it is. That's what she really loves to learn about. She can tell you exactly what the animal is and the specific name, like humpback or orca whale. I swear she's going to be a zoo keeper some day. She now likes when I read to her. Finally. She could never sit still long enough for me finish a sentence. She knows that it's an actual story now and enjoys listening. This winter we're really going to work on learning more things. I have a feeling it's going to be a cold winter so we'll need something to keep us busy.

Nursing has been going really well. Both of the babies are on schedule and have been eating at the same time every 3 hours or so. Raymond sneaks an extra feeding in here and there but that's fine. My little chunk needs more. I started getting them used to formula so that when I need someone to watch them I don't have to pump. I have not one, but two babies attached to me all the time and the last thing I want is a pump attached too. They've been ok with the formula. It took about three days for them to get used to it because I was only trying once a day. I also decided to start giving them 4 or 5 oz every night before bed in hopes that I can get more sleep. We'll see how it goes.

Yesterday my parents watched the babies for me for a few hours so Allie and I could have a Momma/Daughter date day. We went over to Target so I could get do a coupon trip then I took her to an open gym at a gymnastics place for a couple hours. She loved it. I was in gymnastics when I was younger for along time so it was fun teaching her how to use all the equipment.

I'm thinking we're going to sign her up for some classes. They only charge $45 a month for the classes and she's old enough now to where she can be in the class by herself so I'd be able to bring the babies and sit and watch her. It would be something nice for her to do this winter to get her out of the house.

More photos from the past couple weeks:

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