Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I love being sick two days before Christmas! Said no one ever!

Allie had a pretty bad cold Saturday and Sunday and I'm pretty sure she successfully passed it on to both Loren and I. Loren took some NyQuil around 8:30 and passed out, I on the other hand have been forced to stay awake with the babies while sneezy, coughing and trying to soothe this sore throat. Allie's cold only lasted for two days so hopefully ours is gone by Christmas day.

Loren and I had a pretty decent weekend. Saturday was pretty much a lazy day. I got some random chores done while Loren messed around with his bow. Sunday, Loren and I dropped the kids off tat my parents while we went out (with everyone else in town) to get the grocery shopping done. We ended up going to Aldi first and then over to Walmart. $300 later we were finally done. We got all the food we needed for the week, all the food I needed for all of the Christmas dishes I'm making, some last minute gifts, and we filled Up the car (for only 2.06 a gallon!). 

I'm starting to feel a little anxious for this years festivities. We have quite the schedule and I'm hoping it's not going to be too overwhelming dragging the twins around. I'm planning on packing bottles just in case. Raymond isn't a huge fan of formula so I'm hoping to be able to nurse him to help relieve me and bottle feed Charlie because she could care less. That way I'm not having to nurse both of them at the same time somewhere other than home. It should be fine though. My mom will be there to help.

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