Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tonight is just one of those nights that I just want to run away. Far away from these twins. I'm at a complete loss. One falls asleep while I try to calm down the other, the other one finally calms down and then the other wakes up. I'm gonna lose it. Now they're both crying while I sit on the patio in the cold in silence. They're both so over tired it's not even funny, hopefully a good five minutes of crying non stop will help them pass out.

So, before I literally have a complete meltdown, I figured I would write about the awesome weekend we had. Maybe that will help lift my spirits?

Saturday was a really good day. Friday night we were at Loren's parents house late for a party so the kids were exhausted. All three of them slept through the night until about 8:30 Saturday morning. Everyone got some much needed sleep so we were all in a really good mood. Later that afternoon Loren's parents came over to watch the kids so Loren and I could go on our date. We went to dinner at a local Japanese Grill and besides the guy accidentally throwing a spatula at Loren and spilling his beer all over, it was a really good time. I got the filet mignon and chicken dinner with fried rice. It was amazing. 

Update: whoever said the cry it out method didn't work, is crazy. Let them cry for about 3 minutes, came in to plug them, put them in their bed and they're out. I'm learning this is what I'm going to have to do it if I want to stay sane. 

Anyway, after dinner Loren and I decided to stop at Best Buy to see what kind of deals they were having on cell phones. We needed out of Sprint (terrible reception) and needed new phones bad! Well after a long talk with one of the guys working, we decided to go with Verizon and we both got the new iPhone 6 Plus. We got out of our contract (Verizon is paying the $200 because we switched), got brand new phones, $300 in Best Buy gifts cards, and phone cases and car chargers for both phones all for nothing out of our pocket. We are paying more a month by like $20 but it's worth it. We weren't even able to make calls in our house half the time with Sprint. 

I'm really happy with the phone so far. We both still had the iPhone 4 so it's a big improvement. This thing is a monster though. 

It's hard to get used to how much bigger it is but I love it. 

After Best Buy, Loren surprised me with one more stop. He took me back to the park where we got engaged. The park is stunning this time of year. The whole park is decked out for Christmas. Every tree is strung with a ton of white lights and the gazebo is also decorated. Loren proposed to me in December of 2008 and we haven't been back since, so it was nice to just walk around the park and talk about how far we've come the past nine years. 

We got home around 10 and everyone was in bed by 11. It was another late night for the kids so they slept in again. Lucky me! Sunday morning we all just kind of hung out. We made breakfast, I got the bills paid and some laundry done while Loren kept Allie busy. Later that morning we had Allie's gymnastics recital. It turned out to be so cute. Allie played one of Santa's Elves and went up on stage and did a cute little routine that her and her class have been practicing. Allie was so happy that she was wearing a tutu so instead of doing the first couple of steps she ended up just twirling around in circles looking down at her costume. Everyone was laughing. It's kind of strange to have a kid old enough to be in recitals now but it's so cool at the same time. I teared up watching her on stage. We were both so proud. 

Today we didn't do much. Allie had gymnastics this morning and I used the day to clean the bathrooms, finish up some laundry and wrap some presents. I am beyond exhausted today. The babies were awake a lot so I'm pretty much spent. It's going to be difficult when they're awake most of the day. Hopefully it will be easier once we get some sort of schedule going. I think I'm going to try and write down what they do tomorrow to see if they're going by a routine. They both eat at the same time, it's just so sporadic. That's the only thing I hate about nursing. It's always feed on demand every couple hours. I can wait until they're on formula so I can keep track easier. I'm on a mission to make it until at least 6 months though.

Loren's mom will be picking Allie up tomorrow afternoon to have her overnight and all day Thursday. It'll give me a chance to catch up on some random things I've been wanting to do. We have to run to Walmart and Bath and a Body Works in the morning and I'm hoping to be up and out of the house by 7:30 or 8 so the babies sleep most of the time. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow. All I need is one good night of sleep and I'll be good to go for the next month. 

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